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We are a group of creative strategists out to create a digital revolution. Valens is synonymous with powerful strategy, creative ideas and concepts which are handled by a set of innovative professionals. Our goal is simple, to get the best ROI for our clients. We believe in market strategies that generate strong impact through Digital marketing, brand identity design, AD networks and events.

In case you are curious about our name: Valens means creative, valens means strategy, it means everything associated to do with advertising and apparently, there was " A great Roman Emperor" by that name, too. All you need to know is, we are one of the top advertising agencies with over half a decade experience in digital marketing, print advertising, website development and event management.

Its simple: Advertising is a result driven industry and we make sure we deliver ROI based campaigns. All our staff is in-house with no outsourcing whatsoever. We have been in the industry for only 5 years, but like they say “Wisdom… comes not from age, but from skill, perseverance and learning”
P.s. we might have altered that quote a little bit!

Every business has competition and we understand better than everyone. Thus are team of designers, writers, digital marketeer’s and managers work creative to put you on the map. Our unique creative catch the end user attention our content makes them curious our marketing campaigns deliver results and our managers make sure the clients are content throughout the journey.

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Why is trekking is always a good idea?

Trek is all you need this monsoon 2017

The mountains are calling and I must go!

Imagine sleeping peacefully by the sound of cascading waterfall, the melody that nature hums at night beneath a blanket of millions of twinkling stars and waking up to sunrise and witnessing the orange rays painting the blue sky.
What might appear like a romantic scene from Dharma productions are actually priceless joys that trekking offers you.

"What are men to rocks and mountains?" Jane Austen said it all.

Trekking is a wonderful experience:
one of its kind that your Friday's new release or you Sunday shopping can never offer you.
It's a joyful activity that involves ascending mountains of high altitudes on wild terrains with the purpose of exploring and enjoying the scenery.

Trekking is always a good idea:
Always! It is fun and frolic. It gives you a chance to be more close to nature. It welcomes you with open arms with its lush green fields and waterfall accommodating flora and fauna unknown to you, undertaking a journey through big boulders, small boulders, slippery boulders and all kinds of boulders, slipping and laughing at yourself, laughing and slipping again.

Trekking life lessons:
There is no other thing that teaches you vital lessons as much as trekking does. It teaches you the significance of a positive attitude and the will to overcome obstacles no matter how big they appear to be. It instills the quality like determination, faith, socialization, adjustment and patience in you.

Trekking is self satisfaction:
The immense happiness you receive after reaching your destination makes you feel like YOU ARE ON THE TOP OF THE WORLD. Literally! And makes you forget about your blisters and shoe bite. The scenic 'top' view works as a remedy to your exhaustion and brings you serenity.
Sitting in tranquility, seeing the sun say goodbye, birds flying back to their homes, fireflies dancing, the moon and the stars declaring authority over the sky won't let you be the person you were before you started trekking. I won't blame you if you feel like a poet or a philosopher here.
So what are you waiting for?

Trekking is a lot more things which you can only experience when you shall embark this journey !

So ditch all your weekend plans. Pack your bags, tag your friends along and go for trekking. It's always a good idea! Always!
So whose is in?

Ever thought of Social Media Marketing quality and its continual improvement?

We will not get into the “social media marketing benefits and “why social media advertising is important” zones, as you would have stumbled upon such articles/blogs millions of times by now.

Lets go beyond of what bare minimum everone is doing. Lets see if you are maintaing and improving the quality of your Social Media Marketing endeavours.

You may have gone beyond the basic checklist
  1. Having an account on social media site(Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  2. Certain number of posts/blogs being done on regular intervals
But there still persists manyconcerns which deserve sincere attention:
Ø  Whether right plans were developed and agreed?
Ø  Whether the execution is exactly being done as per the plans?
Ø  Whether the right audience was identified and for them, if right and engaging content was created?
Ø  Whether proper Social media monitoring and measurement was done?
Ø  Whether fine tuning/course correction (very very necessary) was done on the basis of above results?

PDCA Cycle
The above activities can be easily summarised into 4 stages/phases that are part of basic quality management system popularly referred to as P-D-C-A cycle. PDCA stands for Plan, Do, Check and Act & it is sheer common sense!!!
But lot of folks falter there too.

Especially in this chaotic era where everyone is trying to imitate what majority of competition is doing.That’s where many social media marketing and advertising initiatives go wrong.

Let take a look at a snapshot of how this cycle looks like.

It is very important to remember that more the iterations of this cycle, more is the improvement and more marketing yield.

Valens has required experience to manage and execute all this 4 stages and has done facilitated clients through many many iterations.

But what if you want to engage Valens in only one or two certain stages?
Here is how it can work…..
  1. Valens media strategistscan help you ‘PLAN’.
  2. If you are already done with planning, Valens will ‘DO’ (execute) it effectively.
  3. Lets say if you have decided to run your socail media campaigns on your own, Valens’ team can ‘CHECK’ (evaluate) if execution or even planning is sound.
  4. Lets say you have done all the 3 stages on your own and want to engage Valens in 4th stage to ‘ACT’.

 It is never too let to go to experts, if you are determined to stay in the game!

Experiential Marketing

People relate things through their joys and sorrows.. Fun and frustrations they experience
- Anonymous
What is it ?
Experiential marketing is a perfect way of providing a tangible experience for the consumer by interacting with the brand.

It is sometimes also referred to as Engagement Marketing. The words 'experiential' & 'engagement' clearly suggest creating an experience for the target consumers by engaging them with the brand/product/service

How it works:
It may entail of different formats like small events, interactive roadshows, concerts, FB live with brand ambassador/celebrity etc. It also goes on taking form of Event marketing but shouldn’t be confused with event management.
It involves creating a small event where consumers are invited either much before the event in planned manner or at times targeted at walk-in consumers at a certain public place. Interaction with brand with minimal or no ‘talk’ apart from instructions/moderations by understated anchor.

Example :
Valens for one of it customer’s brand Star Refined edible oil, arranged for Food & Health Carnival for females in Mumbai and Pune. Participating ladies were requested to use to used Star Oil, to cook various dishes. In addition to this , participation prizes were given away.  The experience was captured in various ways(Feedback video, Feedback-signature-wall, Live Tweets, FB Live , Instagram).

After effect:
It is very possible that the individuals who come for such 'experience' of your brand , walk away with its taste, color, feel and other essential features and it becomes unforgettable for them for life. And this indeed is true, that these elements get intertwined with joy & amusement they must have felt through.

Why it’s a big thing these days:
  • Emotional Connect is very high
  • Relatively Inexpensive as compared to Tele & Print me
  • Word of mouth is its biggest strength
  • Addresses audience which may be sceptical of Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing

Valens deeply believes in the core philosophy of Experiential Marketing and has knack of directly engaging consumers; inviting and encouraging them to participate in the evolution of a brand or a brand experience, using various methods of Experiential Marketing & event marketing.

P.S. : This concept should not be confused with Event Management and Event Promotion. Nonetheless Valens has expertise in these domains too.

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How to stay creative? - Part IV

Sometimes, it is the little things that inspire us the most unbelievable way possible. The idea is just there, you just have to spot and build it, something what the last part of the blog talks about.

Be a streetcomber (Finding extraordinary in ordinary)
At Creativity World Forum 2008, Richard Stomp, innovation and strategy manager in Netherlands, suggested that to be creative you should try 'Streetcombing'- like beachcombing (an activity where a person looks for objects of value or interest on the streets. It could be some spectacular graffiti, a plain window, anything)  Seek interesting stuff and you shall find it and photograph it.
The idea of the 'Harry Potter' series occurred to J.K Rowling on a delayed  train (something very common) travelling from Manchester to London King’s Cross in 1990.
Start-ups too are superb examples of the above.

Keep an inspirational journal (Remember, why you started)
Pause and ask yourself, "100 things that you would like to do before you die!"
Keep a journal for the same, with pictures of places you wish to go, things you were longing to do since 20 or perhaps owning an Audi!
It could be snaps of vacations in Europe, Skydiving in Spain, Playing at Ultra music fest, rendezvous with the president.... Anything!
Employ your creativity in maintaining your journal too. The pictures, fonts, what has to go next and probably how will the goals be achieved.
This shall constantly inspire you to work hard and be there.

Staying creative isn't that hard. So, dear pals are you ready to rock?

How to stay creative? - Part III

We're assuming you're probably back from your mini-vacation to explore other ways of staying creative (Read the previous blog).
So here are few more tips to help you explore creativity and being creative.

Break the 'comfort Zone'- Learn something new

Imagine you're a lawyer. You religiously work from 9 to 5 under the roofs of the court. You are constantly greeted by the bodies dressed in black and white and very likely you hang out with them in your free time. Does your conversation go beyond, ' Clients, prosecutor, laws and sections A, B.. etc? Surrounded by the people with same interests or profession as you doesn't give enough room for growth and the conversations are usual.
Make some time and step out and enrol yourself in a dance school to imitate that popular 'Moon walk' or maybe a foreign language class to talk like 'Joey Tribbiani'
It's when you head out of your comfort zone, you expand not only your friend circle but also your knowledge base and that's how you grow.
So, until next time, “How you doin?”

 Think like a kid. Be the kid. (Curiosity gets better of you!)
"Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once we grow up.” –Picasso

That applies to creativity in general.
On an average a kid asks 288 questions in a day which reduces to a single digit number when we grow up. To return to the state of creativity that children have naturally, we have to do what they do- Ask! (What? Why? How? When? Where? But?)
The trick is to find probable solutions in/from the questions itself.
Also, spend quality time playing under the sun or doodling. It helps your body and mind to breathe.

 Keep out! Get your own space (Solitude is a bliss!) 
‘The Writing Hut’ was Roald Dahl's private working space in which he adapted the furniture to minimise his aches and pains. Over the years he assembled a collection of momentoes from his friends, family and fans.
Having a dedicated space feeds your creative mood. Adorn your creative space with pictures, items and colours that encourage creativity. Here are some ideas:
Plants and flowers, inspirational quote, posters etc.

Is your to-do list ready? 

How to stay creative? - Part II

We all love to travel, read books over infinite cups of coffee and music. The previous blog might have given you a sneak peek into what this series of blogs is about.Stay glued to your screens to know how the above enhances your creativity to a great extent.

Backpack (Travel and say 'Hi' to new discoveries)

Book a ticket and find a beautiful place to get lost.
Travel changes your brain. When you're in a bad mood it is recommended,"Switching off your brain." A great way to do that is to Travel. Go to the most remote corners of the planets. In an experiment, a group of people were observed, after walking for 1.5 hours in a forest, in all of them psychological illness and stress were significantly reduced. What would happen if you're surrounded by nature for several days? Your creative thinking ability would shoot by 150%.
It's when you travel; you find a piece of yourself and a whole new world. The scenic beauty, the people, the local markets and museums, customs and traditions might just give you an idea that paints your canvas, some long contemplated melody or maybe the next best-selling book!

So, all packed?

Turn the page on (Read as much as you can) 

Books are uniquely portable magic. Imagine having to think something from Sherlock or Hercules Poirot perspective or seeing the world like Julian Mantle sees it?
Mental fitness is equally important as physical fitness. We have to prioritize our mind workouts like we do our trips to the gym. Studies indicate, reading just 30 minutes a day, flexes those mind muscles. It makes you think, fantasize, use your imagination and like any exercise, the more you train the better you will get.

If you get booked you can probably never run out of ideas.  Next page now!

Let the music play (Groove to the music)

Music:  On, World: Off

Music has the power to stimulate the sluggish brain. Studies show that Baroque music synchronizes brain waves at about 60 beats per second, and this relaxed alpha state is the frequency associated with 'Creativity'.
'Upbeat music' helps you to get into a problem-solving frame of mind.
If stress gets in the way of creativity you can shake it off by listening to Pop or Rock music.
Is your playlist ready?

Can we now know about your travel plans, the book you which you read and the song which is currently on repeat.

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